Photos from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

A banner on Southern’s campus celebrates the community’s seriousness about theology–and masculine leadership
The contents of a display case inside Southern’s student center tell the institution’s Conservative Resurgence story with visual artifacts.
The entrance to the James P. Boyce Centennial Library, named for the seminary’s first president.
The entrance to Edgar’s store
Southern’s campus
A bobblehead Al Mohler sits next to a mug featuring a portrait of James P. Boyce in Southerns bookstore.
The interior of Edgar’s store. The portrait at left depicts Edgar Y. Mullins, the seminary’s fourth president.
Fountain pens in Southern’s campus store evoke nostalgic memories of a golden era
Edgar’s displaying accoutrements of Godly Manhood
Displays in the campus bookstore separate devotional products into separate “Men” and “Women”sections.

Photos from Asbury Theological Seminary

Asbury Theological Seminary’s chapel
A display in Asbury’s Estes Chapel pairs the theme of “embodied holiness” with the table used to serve communion and the traditional altar cloths, colored red to indicate the celebration of Pentecost.
Among the symbolisms of Asbury’s chapel are photographs of community members, hung as a special installation celebrating the unity of the campus commuity
International flags celebrate Asbury’s commitment to world mission
A banner at Asbury Seminary encourages a missional posture.
The bulletin board at the entrance of Asbury’s student center displays invitations to on-campus events including “Women’s Communion” and the “Band of Brothers” gatherings.
A life-sized, bronze Charles Wesley greets worshipers on their way to chapel services.
Asbury’s main quad, between Estes Chapel and the Sherman Thomas Student Center
A row of family homes in Asbury’s Kalas Village residential community.
Androcentric song lyrics in an ATS chapel service