courses taught

Sociology of Religion

International Social Issues

              Gender and Society

Congregations and Social Change

Sociology of Marriage and Family

             Sociology Capstone

Engaging the Liberal Arts

student experiences

“I loved this class. It has been one of the best classes I’ve had. The projects were relevant, fun, and educational. The lectures were engaging and well-rounded, and Prof Lisa has been wonderful and approachable. I would gladly recommend this course to anyone I know (and I have).” (International Social Issues)

“This was a great class. Professor Weaver-Swartz really challenged me to think critically about marriage and family and the dynamics of each. She was always very approachable. She is very caring and relatable, and that is what made the class so enjoyable.” (Sociology of Marriage and Family)

“This was my favorite class this semester. . . . [Dr. Weaver-Swartz] is always willing to help students and I could tell she cared about us outside the class and enjoyed getting to know us as people. . . I wish I had [her] for more classes.” (International Social Issues)

“I absolutely LOVED this course. As a psychology major, I was a little unsure of what to expect as this was my first sociology course. Dr. Weaver-Swartz is such a genuine and fantastic instructor, and she does a wonderful job of presenting the material. I love that she challenges us to think deeply about the subject matter and encourages us to approach issues from various stances and perspectives.” (Sociology of Marriage and Family)

“Dr. Weaver-Swartz is my favorite teacher. I am grateful for her clear methods of introducing material in different formats and in an unbiased manner. She encouraged the class to participate and evaluate how the material applies to our lives. The material on family styles and marriage styles have prompted much discussion outside of class with my fiance and family.” (Sociology of Marriage and Family)