We’re going on a trip.

I graduated another class of college students last weekend and submitted final grades earlier this week.


It wasn’t an easy year. This year’s graduates went through a lot. The last couple of years were hard on them, and hard on those of us who care about them. I was both meaningful to see them cross the finish line and extra hard to say goodbye.

But it’s so, so good to be headed into these summer months.

And we’re going on a trip! Neither David nor I are writing a book this time, but we will be doing some research of a different kind. You can read more about the project on David’s blog. We’ll both be posting and sharing pictures as we go.

In the meantime, I have some packing to do. The kids are older this time than when we first took them to Asia, but I’m still doing most of the packing since they’re finishing up their school projects for the year–and since some of them still think “dressing nicely” means wearing your new gym shorts.

This is what our living room currently looks like. (Ben is supposed to be checking the Bluetooth connection on my Kindle, but I suspect he’s playing chess):

Here’s our basic itinerary:

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