Advent: Week 4

from “Waiting with Imagination” (Pax Advent 2022):

“The Magnificat announces that the world is changing. Those who hear it can either get on board with God’s peaceful revolution of self-giving love that is good news for the poor, or they can seek to put the revolution to rest, like King Herod who ordered the slaughter of innocents in hopes of destroying the Messiah.”

From Annunciation by Denise Levertov

“But we are told of meek obedience. No one mentions
The engendering Spirit
did not enter her without consent.
God waited.
She was free
to accept or to refuse, choice
integral to humanness.”

Plough Magazine shares an interview with Sr. Grace Remington, the artist behind “Mary and Eve,” the now-iconic image of these two “Mothers of all the living.”

“There was a cemetery behind my house which served as the neighborhood playground and Star Wars battlefield, and as a result, I grew up with a real sense of community across time with those who have died – the communion of saints. We knew all those graves, and while we didn’t know the people, they still felt like neighbors and friends in a very real sense.”

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